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Join our FREE Slack community for coaching from biotech industry recruiters

We can't wait to have you join us in our FREE Slack community, but first, please take a moment to read through our Collaboratory Community Guidelines. By joining, you understand and agree to these terms and understand that the Collaboratory Community is not a recruiting service and does not guarantee job placement.

Grow Your Network

Our Slack™ community provides the unique opportunity to engage, collaborate, and network with individuals at all stages of their biotech careers. Gain access to valuable professional development resources and expert coaching from top recruiters and industry professionals.

The ONLY Slack™ Coaching Group for
Biotech Job Seekers 

Tips & Recommendations to make getting a job easier and faster.

Weekly Live Coaching multiple times each week.

Expert Advice to avoid the mistakes we see candidates making every day.

Inclusive Network of fellow biotech professionals and job seekers to share experiences.

Exclusive Access to top industry leaders, recruiters, and experts.

Land Your Dream Biotech Job Using Clear, Simple Frameworks

Free, on-demand training:

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