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Weekly Resources from the Catalyst Community: Week of August 4th

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Read, Watch, Listen, a curated Collection of resources and stories from around the web

Welcome to our weekly showcase featuring a curated selection of valuable resources shared by our community. We explore various topics, including professional development, diversity, equity, and mentorship. We enjoy sharing these resources and hope they will benefit you as much as they have benefitted us.

In this episode of Deep Dive, Ali Abdaal interviews Cliff Weitzman, the CEO and founder of Speechify, a text-to-speech app that converts books and internet content into audiobooks. Weitzman, who has dyslexia, shares how he developed the app, the life lessons he learned, and why speed listening is a superpower. He also emphasizes the importance of putting more love out into the world.

Despite public support for initiatives and corporate action regarding racial equity in the workplace, DE&I pledges made by US corporations since 2020 have largely "petered out," with some companies spending less than 1% of what was promised. In this article from HRBrew, experts suggest that CEOs' lack of sustained attention and fear of alienating staff can keep programs from taking flight, but quantifying the cost of not acting and focusing on building skills like emotional intelligence can make a difference.

On Modern Mentor, Rachel Cooke discusses how to break the cycle of feeling stuck at work. She covers common scenarios such as being left out of important meetings, not getting airtime in meetings, not having enough time to complete projects, and having to start from scratch. She offers practical steps to address each scenario, including advocating for oneself, talking to meeting organizers and setting clear expectations with bosses.

In the biotech industry, where the competition is fierce, it's even more important to stand out from the crowd. But have you ever wondered how recruiters actually find potential candidates on LinkedIn? What are they looking for, and how can you optimize your profile to increase your chances of being noticed? In this post, we'll share a few insider tips from a senior recruiter on how to crack the LinkedIn code.

Thanks for reading! If you have any interesting resources we should share in our next roundup, let us know at [email protected].

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