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Weekly Resources from the Catalyst Community: Week of June 30th

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Read, Watch, Listen, a curated Collection of resources and stories from around the web

Welcome to our weekly showcase featuring a curated selection of valuable resources shared by our community. We explore various topics, including professional development, diversity, equity, and mentorship. We enjoy sharing these resources and hope they will benefit you as much as they have benefitted us.

Implementing mentorship programs in the workplace can benefit businesses by fostering professional development, employee engagement, and knowledge sharing. This step-by-step guide from LinkedIn provides a variety of strategies that you can implement in your own organizations. By taking the time and using the proper resources, you can make sure that your program is successful.

Is your organization falling behind in the DEI space? McKinsey & Co conducted some research to find out why this is the case for many companies and what can be done to start making progress again. They were able to determine that organizations must follow five critical steps to meet their ambitions. By taking these steps, meaningful progress can be made against DEI objectives.

This article from Indeed outlines nine common time-wasters in the workplace, including social media and multitasking, and provides strategies for avoiding them. By identifying these time-wasters and learning how to manage time effectively, professionals can improve their productivity and accomplish more on a day-to-day basis.

In this short podcast episode from Modern Mentor, LinkedIn expert Emily Crookston explains how to use LinkedIn for more than just job searching. She gives multiple examples of how LinkedIn can be used to make important connections and turn anyone into a thought leader, emphasizing that LinkedIn is for everyone.

Can time tracking revolutionize the hiring process? Join the Collaboratory Career Hub's own, Carina Clingman, as she shares how hiring managers and HR professionals can gain insights into the specific details and time commitment required for each role by using time tracking; allowing them to create focused job descriptions and attract the best candidates.

Feeling isolated at a small company? Finding a sense of belonging within an industry can improve overall work satisfaction and mental health. Joining groups and networks outside your company is one way to do this. In this week's blog post, we give you five tips to help you find your community and grow professionally.

Thanks for reading! If you have any interesting resources we should share in our next roundup, let us know at [email protected].

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