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Weekly Resources from the Catalyst Community: Week of June 16th

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Read, Watch, Listen, a curated Collection of resources and stories from around the web

Welcome to our weekly showcase featuring a curated selection of valuable resources shared by our community. We explore various topics, including professional development, diversity, equity, and mentorship. We enjoy sharing these resources and hope they will benefit you as much as they have benefitted us.

In any business, employee development plays a crucial role in the company's success. One of the most effective ways to provide this support is through mentorship. Mentorship is a win-win situation, benefiting both the mentor and mentee. Not only does the mentee progress in their career faster, but the mentor also develops their teaching and leadership skills. In this week's podcast

Why You Should Be Promoting Mentorship, Dr. Devis discusses the benefits of mentorship and why you should implement a mentor program in your business.

Workplace diversity and inclusion have become buzzwords in recent years and for good reason. A diverse workforce ensures that employees bring different perspectives, creativity, and ideas to the table. However, simply having a diverse workplace is not enough. Employees must feel included and valued for their individual identities to make a real difference. That's where the concept of belonging comes in. In this article from the NYTimes, they take a closer look at the shift from diversity and inclusion to diversity and belonging and explore both the benefits and concerns associated with this approach.

One of the most crucial elements of a successful workplace is fostering a culture of support and kindness. It is no secret that continued stress and negative work environments can lead to poor organizational performance, high turnover rates, and negative employee morale. On the other hand, positive workplace relationships and atmosphere can lead to improved morale, better leadership development, and higher productivity.

In this article, Indeed explores 9 ways you can help and support your colleagues to create a positive work environment that benefits everyone.

In just a few weeks, on June 30th, Professional Development and Leadership Coach Jackie McKay will be leading a live workshop in the community on the importance of investing in yourself. We have a whole blog post on this, but here's a short video introducing Jackie!

That's all for now.

Thanks for reading! If you have any interesting resources we should share in our next roundup, let us know at [email protected].

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