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Weekly Biotech Resources from the Collaboratory Catalyst Community: Week of October 20th

Read, Watch, Listen, a curated Collection of resources and stories from around the web

Welcome to our weekly showcase featuring a curated selection of valuable resources shared by our community. We explore various topics, including professional development, diversity, equity, and mentorship. We enjoy sharing these resources and hope they will benefit you as much as they have benefitted us.

In our latest blog post, Carina shares a comprehensive guide on how to make your LinkedIn profile irresistible to recruiters. Learn why your profile picture is your first impression and how to craft a headline that goes beyond just stating your job title. Discover the power of a well-structured 'About' section and the importance of daily networking on LinkedIn. Carina also touches on the neurobiology behind why odd numbers like three and five can make your profile more appealing. Don't miss these actionable tips to elevate your LinkedIn profile and attract the opportunities you desire.

Workplace conflicts have doubled since 2008, largely due to poor communication. When disagreeing with a superior, it's vital to be strategic, according to Caroline Castrillion. Key strategies include picking your battles, addressing issues at the right time, supporting your views with facts, staying passionate without getting overly emotional, and being open to different perspectives. Approaching disagreements thoughtfully can enhance professional relationships and show dedication to the company's well-being.

In this Ted Talk, neuroscientist Wendy Suzuki offers two science-based tools to help combat anxiety and reduce workplace anxiety and panic. Her tools are simple, effective, and can be easily incorporated into the workday to keep anxious feelings at bay.

In the evolving era of generative AI, hard skills like coding are becoming less critical for career success. Instead, soft skills are emerging as the key differentiators. To thrive in this AI-dominated landscape, Junta Nakai posits that individuals should: 1) Embrace challenges and step out of their comfort zones, anticipating rapid changes in professions. 2) Prioritize genuine human interactions, differentiating themselves in a tech-saturated world. 3) Adopt a mindset of continuous learning, always staying adaptable. As AI continues to advance, it's these soft skills, rather than specific hard skills, that will define success.

This week on Building Biotechs, we sat down with Paul Miller, a biotech consultant and Chief Scientific Officer. We chat about his impressive career journey from big pharmaceutical to small biotech to now championing small startups through his work with Lighthouse Biopharma Consulting.

Paul is passionate about mentorship and developing leaders in his companies. It's a great listen!

Thanks for reading! If you have any interesting resources we should share in our next roundup, let us know at [email protected].

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