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Weekly Biotech Resources from the Collaboratory Catalyst Community: Week of December 8th

Read, Watch, Listen, a curated Collection of resources and stories from around the web

Welcome to our weekly showcase featuring a curated selection of valuable resources shared by our community. We explore various topics, including professional development, diversity, equity, and mentorship. We enjoy sharing these resources and hope they will benefit you as much as they have benefitted us.

3 habits of highly effective job seekers

In the ever-competitive biotech job market, standing out is crucial. In our latest blog post, discover three powerful habits that will elevate your job-seeking game. From maximizing your LinkedIn presence to refining your resume and perfecting your interview skills, these habits are not just for landing a job – they're career enhancers. Continuous learning can further distinguish you as a standout candidate, ensuring long-term success in your career journey. Dive into the blog and start cultivating these habits to pave the way for your career success!

the tim ferriss show podcast cover

In this podcast episode, Dr. Andrew Huberman, a renowned neurobiologist, delves into the science behind optimizing sleep, enhancing performance, reducing anxiety, and harnessing the power of the body to influence the mind. This episode is a unique opportunity for you to gain invaluable insights into improving your overall health using evidence-based tools. Dr. Huberman's expertise offers a fresh perspective that can not only enhance your well-being but also positively impact your professional life!

Get ready for an inspiring and informative replay of our Ask a Recruiter session with Carina Clingman and Daniela Sharma! Discover the secrets to successful networking and forging meaningful professional connections. Carina and Daniela bring a wealth of experience and a sprinkle of positivity to guide you through the art of building relationships in the professional world. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a fresh face in the job market, their friendly advice will boost your confidence and set you on the path to success. Tune in, take notes, and let's turn those connections into opportunities!

For more helpful videos like this, don't forget to check out the rest of our YouTube channel!

BioSpace logo

Exciting news, Carina's latest article for BioSpace was released early! Dive into the latest insights and expert advice in this month's Career Coach column with Carina as she unravels the mysteries of job search timing, navigating references with your current boss, and leveraging the power of outplacements. Whether you're embarking on a new career journey or looking to amplify your success in the dynamic world of biotech, Carina has the answers you've been seeking!

Robert Buckley on the Building Biotechs podcast

In the latest episode of Building Biotechs: A Podcast by Recruitomics Consulting, we have the pleasure of chatting with Robert Buckley, Chief People Officer at Enveda Biosciences, a cutting-edge biotech company revolutionizing drug discovery through machine learning, computational metabolomics, and knowledge graphs. With an impressive career trajectory, Robert has held pivotal roles at RainFocus, MINOVA, and Thumbtack, showcasing his expertise in fostering thriving workplace environments. Join us as Robert shares his invaluable insights into the dynamic world of biotech and the exciting opportunities it holds. This episode is a must-listen for those eager to explore the intersection of technology and biopharmaceuticals, offering a glimpse into the innovative strides Enveda Biosciences is making and the impactful role you could play in shaping the future of small molecule therapeutics. Your next career move might just be a podcast away!

Thanks for reading! If you have any interesting resources we should share in our next roundup, let us know at [email protected].

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